Adomita is a Greek word meaning Big Data , which encompasses every event that a company has undertaken and the purpose of Adomita has been derived from that very word. To help companies derive meaningful value from their data that engulfs and keep coming at them at a fast pace. We are as passionate as the Greek philosophers to get at the bottom of this heap of Big Data and come out with nuggets and Gems which can set the companies on to a whole new meaningful and profitable journey with greater efficiencies. This is possible only through Advanced Analytics without which Big Data is just a heap of data, much like a classic piece of literature placed in the hands of an illiterate.

In fact Advanced Analytics is the special attribute that our founder possesses that has influenced the character of the Organization.

In short, " for Adomita , Big Data is the heart of the Organization and Advanced Analytics is its soul ".


Adomita is a provider of high impact business solutions leveraging advanced analytics and big data technology. More than 120 statistical modeling and advanced analytics use cases across multiple industry verticals (BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, and Government). Our solutions are built keeping the end user's needs in mind. They are client focused, built from myriad data sources, and allow for cross-functional planning, analysis and execution. Analytical techniques and modeling consulting on specific domains.

Values are important building blocks of culture and are deep-seated and enduring. They motivate behavior and emotional responses. They underpin the very way people approach their work, make choices and decisions, and deal with each other. At Adomita the values are on growth and development of an individual as it's a human characteristic to grow. Willingly or unwillingly, an individual grows in some aspects and so does an organization. Respecting every individual is the key. It also lays stress on the intrinsic worth of an individual.

Innovating Every Day

Along with experience and vision, Analytics is an essential part of our operational strategy. Adomita Advanced Analytics is able to develop innovative advancements in the core technologies. These technology building blocks are then applied across industries, creating unique solutions that could not be achieved with siloed innovation.

A Leader in Quality and Reliability

Global reach and innovation help us stay competitive, but it's our quality and reliability standards that cement our reputation. Adomita Advanced Analytics rigorously tests for reliability and quality in all of our products to ensure they will respond as designed, every time. This is particularly important in highly regulated, where failure is simply not an option. We take great pride in knowing that Adomita is constantly recognized by our customers for quality that's better than leading edge.

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