Privacy Policy

At Adomita, we prioritize your privacy and are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. This Privacy Policy details how we collect, use, disclose, and protect your information when you purchase and use our software product ‘CX’ through our website.

Information We Collect

When you purchase and use ‘CX,’ we may collect the following types of information:

Personal Information

  • Contact Information:
    • Name: Used to personalize your experience and ensure accurate billing details. This helps us address you correctly and confirm your identity when you contact us for support.
    • Email Address: Enables communication regarding updates, receipts, and notifications about your account and purchases. This ensures you stay informed about your transactions and any changes to your account or our
    • Phone Number: Facilitates customer support and urgent communication when necessary. We may contact you for order confirmations, customer service follow-ups, or to resolve any issues promptly.
    • Billing Address: Necessary for billing purposes and to verify your This information ensures that we can accurately process your payments and prevent fraudulent transactions.
  • Payment Information:
    • Credit/Debit Card Details: Used to securely process your payment transactions. We use encryption to protect this data, ensuring your financial information is handled safely.
    • Other Payment Details: Supports various payment methods to ensure smooth transactions. This flexibility helps accommodate different customer preferences and payment systems.
  • Account Information:
    • Username: Required for creating and managing your user account. Your username is your unique identifier within our system, enabling you to access your account and use our services.
    • Password: Secures your account and protects your personal information. Strong passwords help prevent unauthorized access and keep your data
    • Additional Information: Other details necessary for account creation and maintenance. This can include preferences, security questions, or any additional data needed to provide a personalized experience.

Usage Data

  • Technical Information:
    • IP Address: Identifies your location and helps prevent fraudulent This data also assists in diagnosing technical issues and improving site security.
    • Browser Type: Optimizes website compatibility and performance across different browsers. Understanding your browser helps us ensure our site functions properly for all users.
    • Operating System: Ensures ‘CX’ works effectively on various This information helps us provide a consistent user experience across different devices and operating systems.
    • Device Information: Provides a seamless experience across different Knowing your device type helps us tailor our service to better suit your needs.
  • Interaction Data:
    • Pages Visited: Identifies valuable website content to users. This helps us understand what content is most engaging and how to improve our
    • Links Clicked: Analyzes user behavior for better navigation and user experience. Tracking clicks helps us refine our site layout and content
    • Time Spent on Site: Assesses user engagement to enhance content. This metric helps us gauge interest in various sections and improve our content
    • Other Actions Taken: Gathers insights to optimize user experience and service Understanding your actions helps us better meet your needs and preferences.
  • Software Usage Data:
    • Features Accessed: Identifies popular features to inform product development. This data helps us prioritize feature enhancements and new
    • Session Duration: Analyzes usage patterns to optimize performance. Understanding session lengths helps us ensure our software remains efficient and user-friendly.

How We Use Your Information

We utilize the information we collect for various purposes, including:

Transaction Processing

  • Order Fulfillment:
    • Processing Purchases: Completes your transactions and delivers ‘CX.’ Ensuring your orders are processed correctly and efficiently is a top
    • Order Confirmation: Sends confirmations and receipts for your This keeps you informed and provides proof of purchase.
  • Payment Processing:
    • Secure Transactions: Uses encryption and secure methods to protect your payments. We prioritize the security of your financial data at all stages.
    • Fraud Prevention: Detects and prevents fraudulent We implement measures to identify and mitigate fraud risks.
  • Customer Support:
    • Assistance: Provides help with your account, purchase, or any issues you encounter. Our support team is ready to assist with any queries or
    • Troubleshooting: Resolves technical problems for a smooth user We aim to quickly address and fix any issues you face.

Service Improvement

  • Website and Software Enhancement:
    • Usage Analysis: Understands user interactions to identify areas for improvement. Analyzing this data helps us make our services better and more user-friendly.
    • Performance Optimization: Ensures our website and ‘CX’ run smoothly and efficiently. We continuously work to improve the performance and reliability of our services.
  • Feature Development:
    • User Feedback: Incorporates suggestions to develop new features and enhancements. We value your input and use it to guide our development
    • Usage Patterns: Identifies commonly used features for improvement. Focusing on popular features helps us prioritize enhancements that will benefit most users.
  • User Experience:
    • Customization: Tailors your experience based on preferences and history. Personalized experiences make our services more relevant and enjoyable for
    • Content Personalization: Delivers relevant content and recommendations to you. We strive to offer content that matches your interests and needs.


  • Service-Related Communications:
    • Account Notifications: Informs you about important updates related to your account. Staying informed about changes and updates is crucial for a smooth
    • Product Updates: Keeps you informed about new features and improvements to ‘CX.’ Knowing about new capabilities helps you make the most of our
  • Marketing Communications:
    • Promotional Materials: Sends special offers and promotions with your consent. We respect your preferences and only send relevant marketing
    • Newsletters: Updates on the latest Adomita news and Stay up-to- date with our developments and enhancements.
    • Event Invitations: Invites to webinars, workshops, and other relevant We provide opportunities for you to learn more and engage with us.

Sharing Your Information

We respect your privacy and do not sell your personal information. We may share your information with third parties in the following circumstances:

Service Providers

  • Payment Processors:
    • Transaction Security: Ensures secure handling of payment We use trusted processors to handle your financial data safely.
    • Payment Verification: Confirms and validates your payments to prevent fraud. This helps ensure your transactions are legitimate and secure.
  • Cloud Services:
    • Data Storage: Securely stores your data in the cloud for reliability and Cloud storage provides scalability and protection for your information.
    • Processing Power: Provides the necessary infrastructure to support ‘CX.’ Reliable infrastructure ensures our software runs smoothly and
  • Customer Support Services:
    • Support Assistance: Manages customer inquiries and technical Our support partners help us provide timely and effective assistance.
    • Issue Resolution: Addresses problems or concerns quickly and Ensuring prompt resolution of issues enhances your user experience.

Legal Requirements

  • Compliance:
    • Legal Obligations: Adheres to laws, regulations, and court We comply with all legal requirements to protect our company and users.
    • Regulatory Requirements: Follows industry standards and Meeting regulatory standards ensures our practices are trustworthy and transparent.
  • Protection:
    • Rights and Safety: Protects Adomita’s, users’, and others’ rights and We take necessary measures to safeguard all stakeholders.
    • Fraud Prevention: Detects and prevents fraudulent Implementing fraud detection measures helps protect your information and our services.

Security of Your Information

We implement robust security measures to protect your personal information, including:
  • Encryption:
    • Data Transmission: Uses encryption to protect data during This ensures your data remains confidential as it moves across networks.
    • Secure Storage: Encrypts sensitive data stored in our Protecting stored data is crucial for maintaining your privacy and security.
  • Access Controls:
    • Authorized Access: Limits access to personal information to authorized personnel This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your data.
    • User Authentication: Uses strong methods to protect accounts and verify identities. Robust authentication helps secure your account and data.
  • Security Practices:
    • Regular Audits: Conducts security audits and vulnerability Regular reviews help us identify and address potential security risks.
    • Software Updates: Ensures systems are updated with the latest security patches. Keeping software current helps protect against vulnerabilities.
    • Incident Response: Has plans to handle security breaches promptly and effectively. A prepared response ensures quick action to mitigate any

Your Rights

You have several rights concerning your personal information:

Access and Update

  • Access:
    • Request Information: Access the personal information we hold about Transparency ensures you know what data we have collected.
    • Receive Copies: Get copies of your personal data in a structured This facilitates your right to data portability.
    • Correction:
      • Update Information: Correct or update any inaccurate or incomplete information. Keeping your data accurate helps us provide better
      • Profile Management: Manage and update your profile information directly. Control over your data ensures it reflects your current preferences and

    Deletion and Opt-Out

    • Deletion:
      • Request Deletion: You can request the deletion of your personal information from our systems, ensuring your data is no longer stored or used by us.
      • Data Erasure: We remove data that is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, maintaining data minimization principles.
    • Opt-Out:
      • Marketing Communications: Easily unsubscribe from marketing communications at any time by following the instructions provided in our communications.
      • Cookie Preferences: Manage your cookie preferences through your browser settings to control how cookies and tracking technologies are utilized.

      Cookies and Tracking Technologies

      We utilize cookies and similar tracking technologies to enhance your experience on our website:
      • Types of Cookies: Essential cookies ensure basic site functionality. Performance cookies analyze site usage to enhance Functional cookies remember preferences for improved usability. Targeting cookies deliver ads relevant to your interests.

      Changes to This Privacy Policy

      We may update this Privacy Policy periodically:
      • Updates: Changes reflecting our practices or legal requirements will be posted on our website, along with the updated policy date.

      Contact Us

      If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy, please reach out to us via email at