“Where Technology drives the accurate Data Analytics”

Our Values

Values are important building blocks of culture and are deep-seated and enduring. They motivate behavior and emotional responses. They underpin the very way people approach their work, make choices and decisions, and deal with each other. At Adomita the values are on growth and development of an individual as it’s a human characteristic to grow. Willingly or unwillingly, an individual grows in some aspects and so does an organization. Respecting every individual is the key. It also lays stress on the intrinsic worth of an individual.
Adomita believes in the following values:
Celebrating the successes
People tend to get a task finished and immediately move on to the next one. Stopping and noticing what our employees have achieved and giving them a pat on the back. It could be anything – meeting a deadline or reaching a financial goal. Adomita encourages employees to congratulate themselves on a job well done.
Know your strengths
Finding out what people’s strengths are, not just what they’re good at forms the very core of Adomita. Some employees are thought to excel at a task because they have been doing it for a long time and it has become a learned behavior. To pinpoint an employee’s strengths, we ask them if they can perform the task well, if it energizes them and how frequently they use this skill. Tapping into the team’s strengths will engage the team and improve productivity.
Humans are social beings and need support networks. Do you have a best friend at work? Do you have people you can trust and lean on? We at Adomita encourage our staff to build connections with each other.
Adomita ensures that our staff communicate with each other to work towards optimum results. Enquiry is a practical way of steering an employee to reach their potential. If an employee makes a suggestion we ask them to explain how it works rather than immediately rejecting their idea.
Many people don't set goals because they are scared of failure. They make personal goals, but not for their whole lives. We encourage our staff to set BHAGs...Big Hairy Audacious Goals...on their own. Making goals meaningful and enjoying the boost to their sense of wellbeing once they are achieved.
Enjoy overcoming the challenges and reaping the rewards. The more "up moments" people have, the more likely they are to pull themselves out of the "down times". Adomita values resilience as a key building block for the company.
People think of optimism and pessimism as permanent states, but they are explanatory styles. We can learn to push ourselves into optimistic explanatory styles by explaining what happens to us in a positive way. It makes people feel better and it's a good way to talk to ourselves.
Adomita values the benevolence of nature and we encourage our employees to be mindful of their surroundings. There could be a beautiful sunrise, or you might simply relish your desk being tidy for the first time in a long time. Being present sharpens your focus and helps you appreciate the little things.
Adomita values gratitude and believes and are grateful for the benevolence of nature. Thanking or praising someone makes them feel good and makes us feel good. If it's reciprocated, it has a wonderful ripple effect.

Our Culture

Culture surrounds us all. Cultures are deep seated, pervasive and complex
Adomita Culture is dynamic, dense and disciplined. It is a fabric woven from countless implicit and explicit events, issues and symbols. We understand that culture is vital to the well being and success of an organization. Adomita’s culture has been shaped by its leadership team who have more than 100 years of experience in various diverse fields and it is evolving .So far it has given us purpose and language for interpreting events and issues, a common identity and a sense of continuity.
At Adomita we believe that culture is our personality and it is born out of core beliefs, traditions, shared feelings and values. Culture is a key to achieving organizational excellence in that it not only shapes managers’ and employees’ behavior, but also determines the manner in which people interpret and respond to any given organizational situation.
Adomita values, learning culture and are keen to evolve as a learning organization. Advanced Analytics is an emerging science an amalgamation of Math , technology and business and we are on an exciting journey discovering and learning from patterns which are buried deep not only in huge volumes but also fast moving data and helping organizations to extract efficiencies.

Proven Approach

Applying data science and predictive analytics in the real world is challenging, especially when the objective is to improve sales and marketing decisions. From the initial configuration of predictive models, to deployment and measurement, to widespread adoption and transformation, our approach will work in your business and minimize risk. Our customers consistently achieve 10 to 25 percent growth in sales and profits, which explains why they view Adomita as the smarter way to sell.